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"How To NETWORK The Right Way”

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

At a certain point in our lives, we question ourselves so much about the different choices we make and the opportunities that’s been placed in our lives. New relationships, new jobs, a bunch of goals, and diverse opportunities. You would think questioning yourself is a bad thing, but it can be the most satisfying feeling you can ever experience. Having these deep thoughts and conversations with yourself, asking what is it that I want, how am I supposed to achieve this, is this the life I want to live ?

Answering yourself is a good thing and understanding what type of life you want to live is important. Your parents may be your guide, but you are the decision maker. You are the only one to decide what values, goals, and achievements you want within your life. I use to always think that I had no control over my life and that my environment is what decides my fate.

Networking has shaped me, and it also has made my actions and connections more purposeful. Understand that networking isn’t just going to events and talking to random people. It’s good to meet new people, but it’s also good to work with current people. Connecting and building relationships with people is the catalyst of networking, and showing that you can be an asset to another person’s life, growth or business is of utmost important. Knowing this will strengthen any relationship; business, family, friends, or romance. It’s not just focused on getting a job, or some clout.


Here’s my second photowalk event that I shot earlier this year with the NYC ShootersUnion. Met some amazing people and artist. Never seen so many inspiring and energetic artist in one place. Surprisingly Jay Ellis popped up at the event. You never know what type of attention you can get when your in a group. (Your can see more on my social media page)


Here’s the latest photowalk event that I went to in Central Park. Beautiful day and amazing people and conversations. I decided to shoot and be a model that day :)

(I'll be posting more on my social media page)

I’ve learned opportunities don’t come easy and opportunities isn’t just turning in your resume and showing people your credentials. Actions speak louder than words and showing interest through consistency is what going to open up doors. For you to shape your life you must be the change in your life. If you want certain opportunities you must adjust certain actions. Getting out of something you're comfortable with can be hard, but we can be the change and challenge ourselves to think differently. Don’t allow your environment to limit your full potential. Seek opportunities, having different experiences, and be surrounded by people and things that pertains to the values, goals, and achievements that you want in your life. Sometimes our thoughts and actions can be our worst enemy, but also our best adversary.

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