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“Secrets To Fashion Week”

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Welcome, welcome, and lastly welcome to Darius Creations blog ! This will be my first blog post 🙌🏽. I’ve been writing for so long and my notes been piled up with so many ideas, thoughts, and experiences, and I just would like to share some of my amazing moments with my community. So I know everyone heard of Fashion Week at some point in their lives and if you haven’t I’m gonna let you know some details about it.

If your an artist, Fashion Week is the week for you. Fashion Week isn’t your average week but it’s a week to show your community what your capable of. This experience been such an eye opener for me in business and the diversity in the arts and mindset of the fashion world. Fashion plays such an important role in our community’s and it opened so many doors for people. So if your an artist and love fashion please take advantage of this short opportunity. In this beautiful experience I noticed how important Presentation Plays in the fashion community. Noticing how people treat you and interact with you when your dressed in a certain manner was different. The average person you think wouldn’t talk to you is now talking to you. You feel like a different person sometimes.

(Me) Photo taken by @k.saintt

The appearance is the window to a bigger picture, & for people to take notice and feel welcomed you have to make sure your window is clean and presentable. However, understand the appearance doesn’t make the person. You may have the look and look inviting but the personality is what keeps the attention. So try not to be such a weirdo lol.

Growing up I thought fashion was just a look. I always thought fashion was for people with egotistical personality’s, filled with snobby and superficial people. I realized it wasn’t the look that made a person feel and look important, but the presentation that they added to the look.

Dressing a certain way or investing time into your look just shows how much value you have for yourself. It makes you feel good within yourself and for the people who eyes you blessed with your presentation. So when thinking about Fashion Week have a open mind and be open to connect and network with people. Know your craft and understand how you want to present yourself to the world.

My first show of fashion week. The xchangefashionshow was very impactful towards the cancer awareness community. I can say this show was the most meaningful out of all the shows I went to. I love it's message and purpose and I can say I give so much admiration to the efforts, love, and passion they put into the event. If you want to see footage from the event you can check out my Instagram story in the "Archive" section.

The Afffair.fff show was one of my most exciting shows where I met some amazing models and bloggers in the fashion industry. It was the highlight of my networking experience during fashion week and I just love connecting with so many creative minds passionate about their craft.

The SEMIR X C.J.YAO was my favorite show. The style and music is something I can relate too. Some models displayed movement in their runway I guess to show mobility and freedom in the clothing. The show was really dope and if you want to see footage you can check out my Instagram story in the "Archive" section.

SEMIR X C.J.YAO Fashion Show. Photo by (Me)

I really loved the movement and the music of the show. It gave me a hip hop culture vibe.

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